Spiritual Apprenticeship with Ayin Adams, PhD

  • Are you happy with your job?
  • Do you have the love you desire?
  • Do you have the relationship of your dreams?
  • Do you have your dream home?
  • Are you spiritually satisfied?

This apprenticeship is for you. Dive deep with me to make everlasting change in your world.

What if you could bring up and integrate some of your gems from deep down in the unconscious into your conscious waking world? You integrate some of these images (for example, a favorite place, a cup of tea, a loverís eyes), when you take a trip to travel, go to the beach, see a sunrise or sunset.

Some images are dangerous and we talk ourselves out of bringing them up. Our own messages that we bring up from the unconscious mind tell us that we are now treading on water. These disturbing messages tell us that we are about to upset the security that we have built for ourselves and for our families.

Some of these thoughts from the unconscious are fascinating, because they carry keys that open the whole realm of what you desire, what you fear, your lifeís journey/ adventure, and the discovery of self.

You will find Spiritual Help: Today, it may well be that high neurosis and other problems exist in our world because of a decline of such an effective spiritual aide.

You will be Journeying: within the realms of consciousness to discover, recover, and uncover that which is for your highest best, while bringing information and tools from that world into your world of waking reality.

You will experience a Spiritual Apprenticeship as a time to go deep within yourself to discover the relationship that you have with yourself. Dame Dr. Ayin will guide you deeper into the awareness of self, so that you can gain a sense of clarity, understanding, and recognition of repeat patterns.

You will have the privilege and the opportunity to work with the highly esteemed esoteric Dame Dr. Ayin in a transformational transcendence way.

You will find Purpose: Dame Dr. Ayin will conduct you across difficult thresholds of transformation that demands a change in the patterns, not only of conscious but also of unconscious life.

You will complete your Goal: We must carry the human spirit forward.

You will discover Tools: Dame Dr. Ayin serves to professionally engage in the treatment of physical and mental ailments and conditions through the use of Spiritual Mind Treatments in the capacity of a Metaphysician. She will also use her intuitive skills as a highly evolved Walk-In and spirit medium. These tools and healing modalities are geared specifically for assisting you in consciousness and bringing about a transformative change in healing of your Mind, Body, and Soul/Spirit.

You will find access to your deepest level in your Spiritual Apprenticeship as Dame Dr. Ayin takes you deeper into the commitment of self. Your work may include discovering hidden historic generational information that can be use effectively to reveal, understand, balance, and heal the psyche. This occurs while connecting with your own wisdom and inner guidance. You will journey in alignment with universal principles, your personal goals, and experience the joys of Oneness. Dame Dr. Ayin supports and honors your radiant presence.

Spiritual Apprenticeship Format: is a one year commitment-based program/retreat, requiring a minimum of two sessions per month for the duration of a minimum of one year, or one session weekly for the duration of a minimum of one year.

Sessions: Over the telephone, via Skype, and in person. Dame Dr. Ayin will tune in to your frequency and vibration to guide you. Dame Dr. Ayin will assist with you re-remembering the sacredness of yourself. You will work to heal, to release, to learn, to love the sacredness of self, and more. One year spiritual sessions are for individuals, couples, soul groups, teams, and families. Dame Dr. Ayin will work with mystery sacred teachings as well as utilizing mythology.

In addition, Dame Dr. Ayin will journey with you into nature on an overnight Vision Quest atop the beautiful Haleakala Volcano (10,000ft.) in Maui, Hawaii.

  • Apprentices will journey to the healing/cleansing pristine water pools at sacred Iao Valley.
  • Apprentices will experience Colon Therapy using water as a teacher.
  • Apprentices will engage in a Spiritual Vision Quest.
  • Apprentices will have FUN and love themselves like never before
  • Apprentices will celebrate a Certificate Ceremony at the end of their year-long commitment that honors, empowers, and recognizes them. Light reception to follow, to be held at the Temple of Peace.

Prerequisite: Awake, Aware, & Alert.

Please Note: Airfare Not Included. Participants will be picked up at airport and will stay at retreat lodge for 1 night, then shuttle to the Temple of Peace for Certificate Ceremony. Additional cost for Colon Therapy at Healing Spa.


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