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Dame Dr. Ayin Adams and her staff have anchored and created personalized one-on-one spiritual healing retreats for the individual woman, man, couples, and family.

Dame Dr. Adams is one of Hawaii’s leading visionaries and authority on spiritual healing and waking-up the soul within. Located on the beautiful exotic island of sacred Maui, personal spiritual retreats are held in the following periods of 1 day, 2 days, 3days, and 5days increments. Longer retreats are group oriented. Email for group retreats and rates.

Our program includes the three-fold process of healing the whole of:

Body: Conscious Breathing, healthy nutrition, gentle exercise, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage, Radionic Machine Healing.

Mind: De- programming, Re-programming, Visualization Techniques, Affirmations, guided imagery meditations.

Spirit: Transcendental Meditation, Ritualistic, Healing, Silence, Power Walks, Readings and communing with our Higher Selves.

Dame Dr. Ayin Adams:

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Substance Abuse Retreats which are Secluded, Professional, & Confidential
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