Dr. Adams uses cell memory techniques to attain balance and growth of being. She perpetuates love and spiritual truth and uses principles through development of being. Dr. Adams began healing at age 2 when she taught herself how to read and write. As an inspirational and motivational spirit guide, Dr. Adams work is deeply set in her tonality; the quickening of each individual.

Dr. Adams created the Conscious Convergence in July 2010 on Maui along with noted Sweden Scientist Dr. Carl Calleman specifically focused on the ending of male dominance and the Mayan Calendar.

Dame Rev. Dr. Ayin M. Adams; is a Veteran actress of Stage & Television, award-winning poet/playwright, winner of the Shining a light on Exemplary Christian Books Illumination Book Awards 2015; Winner of 2016 NAACP Community Service Awards, M.C. to the Community Service Award to the 17th Annual Statewide Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. International Peace Poem Competition; 2008 Teacher of the Year; Maui County, Co-Founder of African Americans on Maui Association, 501c3 non-profit organization & its Cultural Community Diversity Programs, Maui County Teacher of the Year 2008, First African American Publisher in Hawaii, Substance Abuse Counselor, Homeless Outreach Counselor, Spiritual Leader, an International Metaphysician, Spiritual Director, and Intuitive Therapist, a holistic teacher of self development and consciousness. Knighted for her humanitarian works in the Order of St. John, Knights of the Hospitaller Ayin Adams is a native New Yorker, Veteran of the U.S. Army, an award-winning poet, and playwright, whose works have been published in magazines and numerous anthologies including, “Bum Rush the Page” a Defjam Poetry Publication. Her work has been translated in Dutch, French, and German. Dr. Ayin has studied at the Frank Silvera Writer’s Workshop in Harlem, New York, the Michael Sawyer Studio of Acting, and the Ujamaa Black Theatre Company among others.

Ayin Adams, author of more than 10 books including the acclaimed, “The Woods Deep Inside Me’, “Walking through My Fire,” “Walking in Sappho’s Garden, GCLS Literary Awards Finalist 2008), Kwanzaa In Hawaii. She has edited & published her student’s poetry books such as, "Climbing A Rainbow of Dreams, Butterflies Blossom, and Graffiti Dreams. Ayin Adams is the 2015 Illumination Book Award Winner, 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award Finalist, winner of the Pat Parker Poetry Prize Winner, The Audre Lorde Memorial Prize, The Zora Neal Hurston/Richard Wright Award, 2004 Rap-it-up Black Entertainment Television(BET) winner.

Ayin Adams boldly challenges herself and becomes one of the voices which documents the history of African Americans in Hawai`i. Ayin Adams is a holistic teacher of self development and consciousness. She utilizes her gift of words to heal, educate, and yes, entertain.

Adams documents our passage in time through her poetry and tonality of voice that helps one break out of the current constraints and fragmentation and facilitates for individuals to co-create their future especially as many of the established structures of society may be falling apart.

Ayin Adams lives with the intention of: suiting up, showing up, and following through. She accepts the firm belief that everything is in Divine Order.

Recently Knighted, Dame Rev. Dr. Ayin Adams accepts her place in the Knighthood Investiture with the Knights of the Orthodox Order of St. John, Russian Grand Priory, Priory of Hawaii, September 2013. © 2012-2019 | Designed by: Saforabu Graphix